The Model Who Hit That Lady Is Getting A Reality Show

Oxygen has selected model Jessica White to be the subject of a new reality show. And really, is there anyone better to represent the modeling industry on national television than someone who was recently arrested for unloading a can of angst onto an unsuspecting lady waiting for a cab?

If you’d forgotten — or if you never heard to begin with — White took a trip downtown last October after slapping a lady around for trying to get in a taxi she’d already called dibs on. The story goes that White was leaving a club in Chelsea (where she’d been blowing off steam after breaking up with actor Sean Penn) and hailed a cab. Another lady at the same corner tried to get in the cab that pulled up, and White responded by pulling her hair and hitting her face sufficiently to cause “abrasions, swelling and substantial pain.” White said she was provoked into an uncharacteristic bout of diva madness.

But now, the TV network that wants you to Live Out Loud is going to follow White and her friends around from Fashion Week to parties to daily life and everything in between. Her lawyer describes it as a real-life version of Entourage. But with ladies.

Maybe the cameras will catch White beating up on someone else? Maybe she’s actually a good person and the show will be funny and didactic and win an Emmy? With television, the possibilities are endless.

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