Model Jessica White To Stand Trial In Assault Case

Remember late last year when model Jessica White was accused of beating the mess out of a lady over a cab? Well, her lawyer says she was just defending herself, and that he can prove it with video of the incident. Because of the video, White turned down a deal that would have guaranteed her no jail time and plans to stand trial.

The New York Daily News reports that White could have simply done two days of community service, two days of anger management classes and paid a $450 fine. But she and her lawyer Mark Heller say she didn’t start the fight with 28-year-old Vanessa Kian, and that they’ll go to trial to prove it.

White has clocked eight appearances in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (so she’s kind of major), among doing lots of other work. She even signed a deal to do a reality show on Oxygen. She’s impossibly gorgeous and has dated a lot of famous dudes, Sean Penn included. After she broke up with Penn last year, she went out to celebrate her singledom with friends, then hailed a cab to go home.

But Kian said she actually got to the cab first, and there was a pretty physical confrontation when she tried to get into it. Kian accused White of punching her sufficiently to cause pain, swelling and a few cuts. Naturally, White spent a night in the clink.

While we don’t know if White suffered any such damage, we do know that she’s been in trouble with the law before. As a teenager, she beat on some poor girl’s car with a baseball bat after getting into an argument with her.

But we’ll leave the judging to the actual judge and jury in this case — at this point, we’re just not sure who to believe is innocent.

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