Woman Sues JetBlue After Being Accused Of Not Wearing Underwear

In today’s edition of whose-outfit-got-them-kicked-off-a-plane, we have Malinda Knowles, a 27-year-old financial consultant and former fashion model from Harlem.

Knowles was attempting to travel on a JetBlue flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to West Palm Beach last July when, according to the NY Daily News, “a JetBlue supervisor put a walkie-talkie between her legs to see what she had on under her baggy T-shirt.” The supervisor’s defense? “He said, ‘I don’t want to see your panties or anything, but do you have any on?'” Creepy.

Knowles wore a dark, oversized T-shirt with denim shorts, as seen in the picture she took before she boarded the flight below. And sure, those shorts are short, but hardly short enough to justify walkie-talkie groping (does anything justify that?). Knowles recalls: “I didn’t want to show him anything. He wanted me to basically show him my crotch. I was completely humiliated. It was vulgar. It was macho. It was rude.”

The other passengers on the flight reportedly watched in horror as the scene unfolded. Knowles was then escorted off the plane to a hangar where she was asked to lift up her shirt to prove that her nether region was covered. JetBlue officials acknowledged that she met the dress code, and allowed her back onto the plane.

Once reseated, Knowles was again confronted by Mr. Walkie-Talkie, who informed her that the pilot refused to fly with her on the plane. She was escorted off the plane again, and delayed four hours until she was finally placed on a later JetBlue flight to Florida. Knowles, who was initially advised to get a lawyer by a fellow passenger, is now “seeking unspecified damages in the civil claim that accuses the airline worker of assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Next time, Knowles should just take a page out of that U.S. Airways-passenger’s book and wear nothing but lingerie — at least then she wouldn’t get asked if she was wearing underwear.

[Via NY Daily News]

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