Feminism Ate Itself on the Internet Today


Earlier this week, feminist scion Jezebel called out their parent company Gawker Media for refusing to do anything about the violent porn gifs/images of gore plaguing their comments section from abusers of their “burner account” commenting system.

After passive aggressively (in the good way) disabling comments by replacing them with a statement reading “Comments have been turned off on this post because some asshole keeps posting gore and porn GIFs and we don’t have an adequate way to stop him. Sorry,” a temporary solution was put in place, which involved blocking any and all images from being uploaded to the comments section.

As anyone who reads Gawker Media on the reg knows, the comments gif gallery is half the fun of reading posts there. So now we can’t enjoy clever, funny gifs, along with being protected from the gross ones, because misogynists and because throwing babies out with bath water.

Meanwhile, TIME ran an infuriating article today about how feminists can’t joke about misandry because it’s bad for the feminist movement because no one understands that we’re joking, and it’s all “bad PR” for the cause. You know what’s bad PR for the cause? The parent company of a purportedly feminist website highlighting women’s issues refusing to deal with their anti-feminist engagement abusers. You know what’s probably fine? Sisters commiserating with each other, connecting, and alleviating stress caused by garbage dudes.

To recap: we’re the bad guys girls for letting off steam at the expense of men; we’re the bad girls when we’re humorless harpies; and we can’t even demonstrate that we’re full of smarts and funnies via that great equalizer known as the Graphics Interchange Format because trollish men are why we can’t have nice things on top of being why we’re oppressed in the first place.

We think it’s safe to quit the internet for today. Here, watch this beautiful example of whimsical Disney misandry instead of reading more words.

[Jezebel, TIME]

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