Brad Goreski Tells Us To Follow Our Kardashian-Inspired Dreams

Not to get too fan girl-y, but Brad Goreski may be our favorite person to spot at the tents. He’s always friendly, always smiley, and always seems to be genuinely happy to be there.* But as popular as Goreski is, nothing compares to the madness that surrounded the arrival of two members of the Kardashian clan (yes, with a “C”) at Jill Stuart‘s Spring show on Saturday.

A celeb’s star power can usually be judged by the size of the stampede their runway show arrival creates, so when we saw a basketball court-sized swarm of photogs surround conveniently tall (and therefore easily visible) Kris Humphries we assumed, like everyone else there, that at least one or more of the Kardashian sisters were in tow. Sadly, it was just other Kardashian-by-marriage Scott Disick (though that didn’t stop everyone else from remaining on High Kardashian Alert for the rest of the show), and so we returned to Goreski, to ask him what he, as a fellow reality star, thought about the Kardashian hoopla.

“I think it’s kind of amazing,” he confessed. “And Kris Humphries? He is so hot — so go Kim! Like, congratulations! How much more perfect can her life get? I mean, that GQ spread he did? Like, give me a break.”

These are all valid points! (Though the attractiveness of Kris Humphries is up for debate. I, for one, have dubbed him the Poor Man’s Taylor Lautner, but according to the decible of the shrieks emitted by three teenage girls behind me at the show, Lautner may just be the Poor Man’s Kris Humphries.) Which is why we responded by confessing our longstanding fantasy of one day being invited to vacation with the Kardashians.

“Well, now is your opportunity!” Brad exclaimed. “Go ask him! Start with the guys and then get those guys to sell the girls on you coming. And then you’ll be set!”

Sadly, the lights went down and the show began before we could test Brad’s theory. But at least the clothes were pretty, right?


*As opposed to the rest of us who whine resignedly about how hard it is to see beautiful clothing and famous people all come together in one press-friendly environment.

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