WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Justin Bieber’s Fragrance Ad

Honestly, everything about Justin Bieber’s fragrance for the ladies is hilarious. It’s called Someday, which is clever but pretty heavy handed, Bieber has no idea why he made it, and, in addition to the fact that the bottle looks just like Marc Jacobs’ Lola scent, it’s also a little a little yoni-ish. (What?) So when we saw that Jimmy Fallon had spoofed Bieber’s scented money-making scheme, we thought: too easy.

And then we watched the video. Which was hilarious! And featured Justin Bieber whispering about dreamy somedays, when video games are an Olympic sport and he can no longer eat five pieces of pizza without gaining weight. But the funniest part goes to Fallon — who ostensibly plays an older version of Bieber — explaining why he looks fat, tired, and, well, old. “I got busy,” he shrugs.

Truer words have never been spoken.

[via MTV Style.]

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