Jimmy Kimmel Fools Alleged Fashion People; Can You Do Better?

There’s a certain type of person who a) wears outlandish getups that practically scream for photographic confirmation of their wearer’s cutting-edginess and b) fake-texts outside Lincoln Center all day. You know the ones and so does Jimmy Kimmel, which is most likely why he sent a camera crew to test just how knowledgeable these street-style-blog wannabes really are.

Of course our readers would never fall for something like that, but to weed out the stragglers, we’ve listed some of the nonexistent trends and designers from the video and included some very-weird-yet-very-real things we actually saw at the shows. Make your well-informed selections below and watch for the answers.

Designers: Purina Chow, George Costanza, Bibhu Mohapatra, Ricardo Montalban, Eddie Munster, Barbara Tfank, Misha Nonoo

Trends: Christian Louboutin uniboot, watermelon helmets, Spock ears, Saran-wrap tops, padlock necklaces

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