Joanna Coles And Her Cosmo Staff Debate What’s Sexy Now

Joanna Coles has only been at the helm of Cosmopolitan for one month, but she’s already looking to shake things up quite a bit.

While Coles is not looking to do a redesign of the entire book, you can already see a big difference between old Cosmo covers and the first one over which she had creative influence, the December issue starring Taylor SwiftThe cover reads “Crazy for a Kennedy!” (Ed note: Awkward, because they broke up and are probably never, ever getting back together). Coles is also bringing in a new creative director, Paul Solomons of British GQ, who will arrive in January.

However, it seems that some things never change — in classic Cosmo style, Coles and her team spent hours debating what the sexiest body part of the moment is:

“We sat down and we talked for two hours about what we thought is sexy now. Is it cleavage? Is it legs? Is it all of it together?”

Apparently the verdict is still out. Give us a shout when you guys figure it out, Joanna!


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