WATCH: Joanna Rohrback Prances The Nation

Scene: It’s Hollywood. 1989. There are no viral workout sensations. Just at-home aerobics videos and American Gladiators. No YouTube. Just a woman, some ankle weights, and a dream.

Joanna Rohrback‘s Prancercise, the latest internet sensation, is inspired by the movement of horses. That’s right. One day she thought of these gentle creatures in all their galloping glory and took to the streets with a tune in her head. Then she began prancing with ankle weights, and from there it became…Prancercising.

“I’ve got my ankle weights in place and my music is ready. So let’s stop talking and start walking.”

Before we go any further, have a look at Joanna’s video that has caused such a craze and see for yourself this magnificent display of prancing.

Back when Joanna created the video in the late 80s, she recorded it, but because there was social medium for her to spread it like wildfire, she acquiesced to filing it in the Library of Congress, only to continue Prancercising in Hollywood like a lone street-prancing wolf.

Until recently. Now Joanna has an enormous internet following and is even getting more attention for her book, which she wrote in the 80s to go with her fitness routine, Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence. She tells the Daily Beast:

“Things were different back then. Prancercising was developed before Zumba came out. If I had had the investors and everything back then, prancercising would have been a huge hit.”

Maybe so, Joanna. Maybe so.

Joanna’s routine has become so popular, she was even asked to horse around on the Today show. Joanna’s video is definitely making the rounds, but she’s not the only internet dance dream these days.

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