PHOTOS: Examining Jodi Arias’ Drastic Courtroom Makeover [UPDATED]

Over on our sister site Mediaite, all eyes are on the trial of Jodi Arias, the Arizona woman on trial for the alleged murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander. Arias has admitted to the act of killing Alexander back in June 2008, but has stuck to a claim of self-defense, despite waffling on key aspects of her story. If convicted, she will face the death penalty.

Now this may not sound like our usual purview here, but amongst the grisly details and lurid phone sex transcripts, there has been some chatter about Arias’ choice of hair, makeup, and attire during the trial. Given that the attack took place nearly five years ago, it’s no surprise that the 32-year-old’s appearance would be somewhat altered from the sunny, smiling photos of herself and Alexander that she posted on her MySpace page, but in this case, the courtroom makeover is especially drastic.

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As we see it, it’s like a ’90s teen movie makeover in reverse: from a blonde bombshell armed with contact lenses and a tight t-shirt to a timid, mousy-haired woman with schoolteacher glasses and a sad set of bangs. She has gone from someone with all of the physical hallmarks of confidence (however manufactured those, too, may be) to a person who barely seems able to look someone in the eye, let alone stab them 27 times.

We use clothing, makeup, hairstyles and the like to project confidence, sexuality, professionalism — you name it. In fact, the entire fashion and beauty industries are built on this principle. Why not use the same to project innocence in front of a jury? To paint oneself as the victim of abuse rather than as a cold-blooded killer? Whether or not the makeover will do her any good remains to be seen, of course. Personally, we think there’s nothing creepier than a mousy-looking murderer.

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See the transformation below, and check out Mediaite for the livestream coverage of Arias’ trial:

UPDATE: The cross-examination continued into its fifth day today, when Arias broke down in the courtroom upon being shown grisly crime scene photos. As such, we have updated the gallery with further images from the ongoing trial.

UPDATE #2: The trial continues to stretch on, following the release of a bizarre video of Arias in the interrogation room following her arrest, chiding herself in the third person for not wearing makeup. See recent images of Arias in court in the gallery below.

Jodi Arias Describes Sexcapades During Murder Trial

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