New Witness: Galliano Didn’t Assault Anyone, Wasn’t Arrested

Since no two versions of the same story are ever going to be exactly the same, some blogs are now reporting that the initial details of the John Galliano arrest story are all wrong. In fact, a new eyewitness account says that the Dior designer didn’t assault anyone, wasn’t arrested, and didn’t even use an anti-Semitic slur.

According to Sleek, someone who claims to have been at Paris’ La Perle at the same time as Galliano says the designer was visibly inebriated, but appeared to be in a good mood. When he raised a glass to toast with friends, a couple nearby mistook him for a vagrant and tried to get him to leave the restaurant.

On his joyful “cheers everybody!” the woman and her boyfriend replied “You’re ugly, you’re disgusting, move away from here!” as our eyewitnesses tell us. Galliano didn’t react to this statement and raised his glass with other bar guests. He then turned around to respond to the lady, saying: “You’re ugly and you’re (sic) f*cking bag is ugly too.”

In one of those shows of macho supremacy, the woman’s boyfriend rushed to protect her bag’s honor and charged at Galliano. The designer’s bodyguard and the staff at the restaurant prevented any kind of physical altercation, but the two hurled insults at each other. The eyewitness didn’t hear any anti-semitism bandied about, but he or she did hear Galliano mention something about the man being Asian. The man then called the police while Galliano sat in a corner smoking a cigarette.

The eyewitness says when the police arrived, Galliano’s bodyguard called his lawyer and the designer agreed to go to police headquarters not because he was in handcuffs, but because he decided to make his official statement there.

Galliano has been suspended from his professional duties at Dior pending an official police investigation.


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