John Galliano’s Racist Rant Caught On Video: ‘I Love Hitler’

UPDATE: Dior announces Galliano’s termination, effective immediately.


Well, less than two days after witnesses came to John Galliano‘s defense, The Sun has published a video clip of the designer telling a table of fellow patrons at Parisian cafe La Perle, “I love Hitler” and “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f*cking gassed.” He also called them ugly.

While La Perle is the same cafe Galliano allegedly assaulted a couple and insulted them with anti-Semitic remarks, it’s unclear as to whether this video was taken the same night.

The Sun notes than none of people captured in this altercation were actually Jewish, though the man filming the video told the paper Galliano seemed to have the most problem with the Italian girls. “He made it clear [they] weren’t welcome and should go home,” their source explains.

On Friday, The Cut spoke with someone who “has worked closely with Galliano on several projects.” Their source said: “[I] can’t imagine he would do this to anyone. I’m an observant Jew, and I know from my own experiences with him that there’s no way he hates Jewish people. He’s incredibly gentle.” Unfortunately, this video makes it clear Galliano would (and did) do this to someone. Whether drunk, in jest, or (inexplicably) misunderstood, Galliano’s words are offensive at best, and downright disgusting at worst.

This doesn’t bode well for his defamation case, nor the lifting of his suspension at Dior. But what we’re most curious to see is how this plays out in the press. The fashion industry has a pretty solid reputation for protecting their own — but how does one defend this?

Galliano has been ordered to meet with his accuser at the police station on Monday.

[The Sun via HuffPost Style.]


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