WATCH: John Galliano Spoofed On Saturday Night Live

Is there a better barometer of what’s happening in world culture than the cold open of Saturday Night Live? This weekend’s open lambasted the much-reviled Charlie Sheen, played by Bill Hader, hosting a talk show called Duh, Winning! Sheen/Hader’s guests were none other than fictional versions of Muammar Gaddafi, Lindsay Lohan and ousted Dior designer John Galliano. (Fake Christina Aguilera played the show’s band leader. Think of that what you will.)

While it’s a clever idea, you know, to put infamous people in human effigy on a stage together and make fun of the horrible things they’ve said or done, we didn’t really find any of this funny. The glorification of Charlie Sheen is really starting to get old (the dude shot a woman and more or less got away with it), and the Galliano bit rings false. Sheen and Lohan might not see any problems with the way they live their lives, but Galliano’s apology statement
(and pledge to get help) sort of indicates to us that he realizes what he said is wrong. Not so with the others — and especially not with Gaddafi, who’s currently hard at work administrating a destabilizing civil war in Libya.

We think it’s just a touch too soon. But what do you think?

Duh! Winning Cold Open – Saturday Night Live [Hulu]

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