Galliano’s First TV Interview: ‘I Was Acting Like God’

The first ever post-scandal John Galliano TV interview, hosted in the moody confession chamber of broadcast journalist Charlie Rose, aired last night on PBS.

In the interview, Galliano looks far from the performer we’re used to seeing on the runway, dressed in a navy suit and blue button up that’s neither slashed into a deep-v, nor fringed with pirate lace, as he expounds on the Vanity Fair interview he gave earlier this month.

In a very solemn tone Galliano reiterates that he takes full responsibility for that now-infamous outburst: “I apologize and I am trying to make amends, in the best way that I can.”

Rose then brings up the suicide of Alexander McQueen, and with a lot of pausing Galliano says he has many times felt that same anguish. “I knew Alexander – I knew Lee. I understood. That loneliness, that pain… You’re only as good as your last collection, which is an enormous pressure.”

He continues, “As addicts we’re in such perfection – we’re setting that bar impossibly high, we don’t understand how we’re doing it and people say, ‘Wow, how are you going to top that?’ And we’re like, ‘Well, yeah we’re going to, don’t worry.’ That’s what make us wake up in the morning. I was very sad.”

Drinking was his coping mechanism. “I used to drink to stop the voices, there were so many voices. Already, in life, there were so many questions. I would use the alcohol to quiet them.”

Really looking very self-deprecating indeed, the designer adds, “Sometimes I was acting like God. Now I know I’m not in the driving seat.”

For now he’s focusing on staying sober (and boosting his Q score) before he returns to fashion design. The Telegraph excerpted some of the interview which can be seen below, or see the full interview here.

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