PHOTOS: Is Johnny Depp In Character? Nope, He Just Dresses Like This

johnny depp styleWhile you can never be too sure with someone like Lysa Cooper, we have a feeling the celebrity stylist would have given Johnny Depp her blessing for his look at last night’s press junket for his new Western action film, Lone Ranger. You see, Cooper has professed her admiration of homeless people and their style, and while we’re not exactly calling Depp a vagrant, he kind of looks like a man that stumbled off the street and on to the red carpet. Than again, that’s often been his modus operandi, and more importantly, why we love him.

While Armie Hammer opted for a more classic approach to casual in dark wash denim and a button-up, Depp took the same look, dirtied it up, layered, and accessorized with a couple hankies. For one, his sack-like bottoms looked like the male version of a boyfriend jean (so meta), and all the more baggy with the two raggedy bandanas hanging out. What’s ironic, is that he three-pieced up the look with a vest and blazer, and still manages to appear under dressed. Although, credit is also due to his beatnik jewelry and cowboy hat. We’ve always appreciated Depp’s kohl-rimmed, bohemian look, and that fact that he looks as if he raided a lost and found bin and tried to put together a suit, just adds to his outlandish charm.

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