WATCH: Jourdan Dunn Would Love To Have Dinner With Beyoncé

If you’re going through a tough time and coincidentally have pasta and some sort of canned meat lying around, well, you have the makings of a fancy feast — at least according to Jourdan Dunn.

In the fourth episode of Well Dunn, the model whips up a meal of rigatoni pasta with canned tuna, tomatoes, onions, basil, and lots o’ cheese. While she preps and cooks, Dunn makes fun of her younger brother’s picky palette, jokes that her model friends don’t cook or eat, reveals that she’d love to have dinner with Beyoncé (“I wouldn’t be able to eat my food, ’cause I’ll just be, like, staring at her”), and opens up about the marathon known as Fashion Month.

Dunn says that New York Fashion Week isn’t too bad since it’s the first of four cities and she can catch up with her other model friends. London is “still cool”, but Milan — not so much. As for Paris:

“You’re sick and tired of seeing everybody, you’re kind of sick and tired of seeing the same model faces. You’re tired of people touching you, poking you, and just looking at you all the time. You just want everyone to go away.”

Real talk.

Watch the video below:

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