How Juergen Teller Got Kate In A Wheelbarrow And Beckham In A Bag

Models have to be prepared to get themselves into some pretty strange situations on the job. Whether its shooting a bikini spread in Antarctica or a Vogue cover surrounded by dozens of creepy mannequin heads, it’s all just part of the gig.

But you’d think certain people would get a pass, namely Kate Moss, who, after 25 years of modeling, can pretty much say “no” to whomever she so pleases. Victoria Beckham likewise doesn’t strike us all that easily persuadable. And yet, Juergen Teller has captured both women in less than glamorous poses — Moss in a wheelbarrow caked with mud and Beckham upside down in a Marc Jacobs shopping bag, with only her splayed legs visible.

The photographer chatted with Grazia this week about his new exhibition, “Woo!” at London’s ICA, and confessed that while Beckham was actually a good sport about the stunt, it was Moss that took a little persuading:

“I had to convince her, yes. I have a certain determination. It felt right visually – I’m interested in life and how people are in real life. I can be very cruel and humorous and serious and silly. I think I have a relatively wide range – but that’s how life is.”

This also turned out to be Teller’s saving grace for his Marc Jacobs campaign shoot for Beckham. While she may look perpetually steely-faced in photos, the designer is actually apparently a lot of fun in real life:

“Before I met her, I’d always seen paparazzi shots of her. And it looked like she had no sense of humour, like she was pissed off. But she’s really funny and doesn’t take herself so seriously, and that’s how I wanted to show her…What sells are products. And I thought, ‘Well, you’re just a product too and I want you to be like a product in this bag.’”

See the photos in question, plus more from the exhibition, in the gallery below:


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