What Was Bianca Jagger Doing At Julian Assange’s Hearing?

Style icon Bianca Jagger is on a mission to get Julian Assange out of jail.

Jagger and a slew of other celebs-cum-human rights activists have been hard at work to raise the money needed to post Assange’s bail, which has been set at £240,000 ($375,000), and to rally support for the embattled founder of Wikileaks.

Assange is currently being held in a London jail on charges of sexual assault. Jagger, the actress and style icon, and socialte Jemima Khan were spotted outside of Assange’s bail hearing Tuesday. Assange was initially granted freedom then, but Swedish prosecutors appealed the decision to grant him bail and he was locked back up.

Out in the cold — and wearing a smart fur-collared coat — Jagger told reporters that she thought Assange was being held not because of his sexual assault charges, but instead because his organization has leaked hundreds of classified US diplomatic cables.

“I am very concerned that this case is becoming politicised. If there are valid accusations against him then let them be heard,” Jagger said. “I don’t agree with everything he has done but the most important thing in law is justice, due process and freedom of expression.”

If Assange’s supporters can raise all the money, he should be free to go — he has another hearing scheduled for Thursday. Filmmaker Michael Moore, among others, has also pledged $20,000 to the cause. For our part, we knew this case was going to get messy, but we didn’t know how much support the fashionable and famous set would throw behind Assange.

He has an army of liberal millionaire supporters but WikiLeaks boss is STILL trying to raise £240,000 in cash for his bail [The Daily Mail]

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