More W Drama: Is Julianna Covering For Gaga?

Come mid-month we’re always itching to check out the cover snaps from the forthcoming issues. And we have to admit we were slightly-scratch-of-the-head surprised when we discovered actress Julianna Margulies had the cover for the May issue of W. Not that we were expecting fireworks from (former) editor-in-chief Patrick McCarthy, but nurse Carol of E.R. fame? Of course, she did manage to wrangle Clooney back in the day. And she’s enjoying a CBS-sponsored career renaissance of sorts — at least among the demo that appreciates a good, wifely drama. But still, she’s not exactly Madonna

With our journalistic instincts piqued, we decided to make like Cindy Adams and do a little dirt digging. And guess what we discovered? According to some insiders, Margulies wasn’t supposed to be on the cover at all. In fact, May was supposed to go to Lady Gaga (!!!) until the fame monster backed out at the last minute.

Who needs fireworks with this sort of behind the scenes drama, right?

Well, with no viable options in sight, word is Marguiles stepped in at the 11th hour to, as the cover put it: “Go Glam.” Of course, with new editor-in- chief Stefano Tonchi set to assume the reigns of the ailing mag today, we have to believe all of this has something to do with the editorial shake up that’s been going down over at Conde Nast.

Maybe Gaga was just totally booked — right?


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What Will W Be Like Under Tonchi’s Reign?

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