Why You Should Take Stylist June Ambrose’s Reality Show Seriously

Stylist June Ambrose, a style star in her own right and the architect of some of the best-known looks in the entertainment industry, is getting her own reality show on VH1 this spring. She deserves the recognition, and yet there are some people who are already calling her show a knockoff of The Rachel Zoe Project.

Ambrose, whose client roster has included everyone from Sean Combs and Alicia Keys to Kim Cattrall and members of The Dave Matthews Band, has been styling celebrities and designing custom clothes for them for decades. She also wears a turban like nobody’s business. (This is primarily because no one in the fashion industry has the confidence to wear a turban for anything other than religious reasons.) She’s our favorite person to run into at fashion shows and other events because she’s so charming and friendly — and she’s also upfront. We chatted with Ambrose briefly at the Rebecca Taylor show during New York Fashion Week, where she found herself assigned to the second row. (We were in priority standing.) She took a public relations person aside, said she wasn’t accustomed to sitting anywhere but right up against the runway and was reseated there within seconds. That’s just how good she is.

Comparisons to The Rachel Zoe Project will undoubtedly abound — in fact, they already are. The working title on Ambrose’s show is The June Ambrose Project, which doesn’t inspire the most confidence in the program’s originality. After all, it’s a 30-minute show about the life and times of a celebrity stylist. What could be that different from the dog and pony show Zoe has on Bravo?

Well, a lot, actually. Ambrose has a very different client base (think rock stars, not Oscar winners) and a much different aesthetic when it comes to styling. And while Zoe is still figuring out motherhood, Ambrose is an old pro. Which sort of leads us to believe that her program won’t be dominated by the same brand of catty backstabbing and infighting that Zoe’s show has been known to spawn, but instead by sage lessons about life and clothes we can actually put to good use.

So say what you want about Ambrose, her show and VH1. She’s got the fans, she’s got the talent and she’s got the drive to be a television sensation, and we hope that’s exactly what happens to her.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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