New Mag Says No To Photoshop, Skinny Models, And Diet Tips

There probably couldn’t be a worse time to launch a print magazine, but new UK fashion glossy Just As Beautiful is right on time.

It’s the first magazine in that country to focus specifically on women of a larger size, and its editors are serious about their dedication to women who don’t fit the fashion-model mold.

Just As Beautiful only features models who are between a British size 14 and 20 (US sizes 10 to 16) because those are the sizes of the women it wants to target. It does not airbrush its photos. It does not have dieting tips. In short, the magazine does nothing in the way of suggesting that anything about its readers needs to change.

That’s been editor Sue Thomason‘s editorial policy since she started an email magazine of the same name in 2007. She wears a (British) size 18 and knew there were women like her who wanted to read material that didn’t put them down.

“Most people only think they need to change because they’re constantly exposed to the message that they do – and shown images of impossibly skinny models that they’re told they ‘should” look like,'” she says. “If you feel anxious about your looks instead of being relaxed, it’s a sure sign that you need to change your mind and not your body.”

We have to admire her mentality — and her guts. The print version of Just As Beautiful launched mid-September (issues will debut at mid-month, just to be different) with a bimonthly production schedule and a newsstand price of £4.70 (about $7.45) per copy. Its digital version was free and had 300,000 subscribers.

But maybe the price of feeling included will win out. We’ll certainly be watching to see how the new book fares.

[Via The Daily Mail]

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