WATCH: Justin Bieber Went And Got Himself A ‘Believe’ Tattoo

While we don’t want to say anything too negative about Justin Bieber lest we incur the wrath of millions of angry tweens, we’re really not sold on this new tattoo of his. The pop star showed off his newest ink on The Late Show With David Letterman Thursday night to much admonishment from gramps, aka the less-than-supportive talk show host.

“I have a couple. Just a couple,” admitted the 18-year-old when Letterman pressed him about the number of tattoos that mar/decorate his body. He did claim, however, that the newest addition “doesn’t not help the way I look.”

Ok Biebs, let us be the first (not) to tell you that it most certainly does take away from how you look. We are totally supportive of the sentiment, but whoever encouraged you to pick an ombré MS Word reject font was sorely misinformed. Fonts are super important always (Helvetica anyone?) but especially so when you’re writing something on your arm that will remain there for the rest of your life.

Also, as you are one of the wealthiest teenagers in the world, might we suggest a trip to Italy? To wit: Letterman brings up the Sistine Chapel as an example of what not to do to your body, to which Bieber replies: “I’m not going for the Sixteenth Chapel look.” The talk show host understandably rolls his eyes and replies: “Canadian high school!”

Biebs, dude, you’re giving us Canadians a bad rap. Quit it.

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