Jam Of The Day: Justin Bieber v. Azealia Banks

This morning we had a serious case of the Mondays, and then we were gifted with not one but TWO nuggets of pop near-perfection. LET US DISCUSS.

First up is Azealia Banks‘s latest, “Fuck Up The Fun”, which a friend of ours described as “laughably awesome”. The drums! The rapid-fire rhymes! Also, it was produced by Styleite crush/total jerk Diplo. Here, listen:

And then there’s Justin Bieber channeling that other Justin in the Timberlake-infused “Boyfriend”. The lyrics are questionable (Swag swag swag, on you / Chillin’ by the fire while we eatin’ fondue), but the chorus is like crack. For context, it was produced by the less crushworthy Mike Posner:

So, which is better? Banks beats Bieber in pretty much everything ever, but we just can’t get “Boyfriend” out of our heads. Let’s just call it a draw.

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