Justin Bieber Pays $24 Homage To ’90s Icon Kelly Kapowski

First off, a probably gratuitous confession: we’ve got a little bit of a fever for Bieber. That hair! That song! That totally unironic Hebrew Jesus tattoo! He’s like a pop idol genetically engineered especially for the no-longer-early-Aughts decade.

But, apologies to any tweenies out there, as a child of the ’80s, my genetically engineered teen idol growing up was Zach Morris, who, despite apparently still trying to get people to call him Mark-Paul Gosselaar, spent my formative years involved in the steamiest on-off relationship Nickelodeon’s after-school schedule could handle with a California cheerleader named Kelly Kapowski, which is where Justin Bieber’s white blazer and graphic t-shirt combo from Sunday night’s MuchMusic Video Awards comes in.

Apologies for the lengthy intro, but appropriate context was needed. We’re just so excited! (And honestly, so scared.) This is what the Biebs wore:

First: awesome. Second: so many questions! Does Bieber know who Kelly is? Probably right? I mean, they still air Saved By The Bell on TBS In The Mornings. (That’s capitalized, no? And yes, I still watch it.) Is he wearing this $24 tee from Urban Outfitters, or some specially made, pop-stars-only version of it commissioned by his stylist? Is he using it to make a grand, philosophical statement about the nature of fame? Or does he just think Kelly Kapowski is hot? (Which, duh.)

And, final question: do you love it? Or do you hate it?

[Image via Reuters.]

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