Justin Bieber Brought Back The Swoosh And Wore A Horrible Jacket

What are you doing, Justin Bieber?!

We have some bones to pick with Biebs. First of all, why did he bring back the swooshy hair? WHY? We didn’t love the almost-fauxhawk he sported in the horrendous “All I Want For Christmas Is You” video, but it was a step in the right direction. Now Justin has reverted back to his swooshy ‘do, and we’re not pleased. We want to see his hair grow up! The only thing that’s evolved are his earrings, and the unfortunate hair/earring combo has him looking like a soccer mom.

And that jacket. Ohhhhh, that jacket. This is actually the second Levi’s jean-Louis Vuitton leather jacket hybrid we’ve seen Justin wear. And it’s bad. It’s like a Canal Street Frankenstein nightmare. MAKE IT STOP. There’s just no way Selena is down with all this. Or so we hope.

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