Justin Bieber, Please Don’t Get Naked For Love Magazine

Some loudmouth at Conde Nast told our friends at Fashionista that Canadian pop diva Justin Bieber will grace the next cover of Love Magazine. Let it be known that we feel weird saying a teenage boy will grace anything, but that this one looks enough like a woman for it to be kind of OK.

Jokes about androgynous guys in fashion magazines notwithstanding, this is actually happening. Now, it’s not that we think the Biebs on the cover of a high-end fashion magazine is a bad thing (especially if the shoot is being styled by Tabitha Simmons). On the contrary, we think it’s cool to see how many super fashiony publications have featured super commercial cover stars of late — Kim Kardashian was just buck naked on the cover of W, and Bieber and Kardashian were in the September issue of ELLE together.

But honestly, it’s not the person who’s on the cover of Love that has us concerned so much as what that person is wearing, and a lot of Love covers have featured little to no clothing at all. (Remember the Beth Ditto cover? Better yet, remember the Lara Stone cover? Linkage within these parentheses is, natch, NSFW.)

We’re not saying Katie Grand is foolish enough to advise the 16-year-old crooner to pose in his skivvies, but if Annie Leibovitz‘s photos of Miley Cyrus for Vanity Fair taught us anything, it’s that teenagers can be asked to take their clothes off, their dishabille can be photographed, and their parents can complain about it. And that’s a scandal we’d like to avoid living through again.

Breaking: Justin Bieber Is Being Shot For Love Magazine [Fashionista]

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