Is Justin Bieber Getting The Cover Of The New Yorker?

As much as we wish Justin Bieber was gracing the cover of the upcoming issue of The New Yorker, we have to imagine this is just an almost-believable spoof by those jokesters over at Vanity Fair.

In a satirical (we think?) post tagged “humor,” the VF team leaked their cover boy‘s latest Condé Nast jacket:

All the talk of WikiLeaks and Anonymous hackers has inspired the Vanity Fair digital team to stress-test our systems and scrub our servers. Along the way, completely by accident, we discovered a back door into the network used by The New Yorker. Normally, we would have snooped around silently and then fixed the hole, out of respect for the venerable weekly’s privacy, but then we found this. Amid all the single-frame cartoons and archived invoices from E. B. White lay conclusive evidence that our corporate cousins (and perennial softball rivals) are planning to steal our cover idea and publish a Justin Bieber profile of their own.

Maybe we’re idiots for not being 100% sure this is a joke, but we’re 99% sure. So there’s that. Anyway, here is Biebs getting the Remnick treatment:


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