Justin Bieber Wore Glasses And Carried A Snake On The Red Carpet

Tonight, Justin Bieber walked the Video Music Award red carpet in red pants, gold chains, Terry Richardson glasses, and with a small white snake wrapped around his right arm. We wish we were joking.

This is the exchange Entertainment Weekly had with him regarding the snake.

EW: What your snake’s name?
Justin Bieber: Johnson.

EW: Johnson! You dirty boy!
Bieber: I know. [laughs]

EW: Dude, your Johnson is small.
Justin: [Laughs and shakes his head.]

EW: What is he?
Justin: It’s a boa constrictor. It’ll get like four feet. It’s gonna get big.

EW: Has he peed on you yet?
Justin: No. I hope not!!

Um… Good thing he has a sense of humor?

Anyway, while we secretly hope this is some sort of meta ode to Britney, we’re pretty sure thinking that deeply about pop culture is above Bieber’s pay grade. What say you?

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