WATCH: Justin Timberlake Hosts His Fifth SNL Show

The only bad thing about Justin Timberlake hosting SNL for the fifth time last night is that now we’re going to have to wait a few years till he can host again. Following in the dual gig footsteps of Justin Bieber, Timberlake also performed as the musical guest (singing “Suit and Tie,” duh), and delivered a series of sketches that hearkened back to his successful skits on past episodes, a lot of which have been some of the funniest in recent memory.

“D— In A Box” got an upgrade with Justin and Andy Samberg reprising their roles of the silky-voiced and romantically misguided musical duo, this time appearing on a dating show. And the riff of “Bring it on down to Omelet Ville!” was reimagined for a new restaurant, Vegan Ville, for JT’s enthusiastic costume-sporting promotional character. (Highlights included the 32-year old heartthrob trilling “We Found Love In A Meatless Place.”)

He had some serious help this ep, though. Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd, Candice Bergen, and the aforementioned Samberg all stopped in for guest appearances, making this SNL the most star-studded of the season. Timberlake’s opening monologue features him being welcomed into the prestigious “Five Timers” club by Martin and the other guest stars, looking appropriately grateful, adorably humble, and very dashing in a black suit (no tie). Check it out below.

Hope you’re not sick of JT — yeah, right — because he’s working the late night circuit for the next few days. Jimmy Fallon has designated this coming week as “Justin Timberweek,” as the singer will be on his show in various capacities for all five episodes. That should help us make it through to Friday, right?


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