Justine Bateman Makes The Case For Aging Naturally

When we first heard that Kelly Cutrone and her BFF Justine Bateman were debuting a web-based talk show, we were insanely excited. But as the weeks (and episodes) of “Wake Up And Get Real” wore on, we have to admit, we were a little disappointed and kinda bored. Some of the episodes are certainly funny, and it’s entertaining to watch someone “famous” like Cutrone and Bateman shoot the shit (for lack of a better word) about the minutae of their lives — like how they love their lawyers and what Bateman does to gophers on her L.A. property — but for a show that describes itself as “a talk show that would express the views that aren’t on THE VIEW,” we were hoping they’d tackle a few more weighty and debate-worthy issues.

Well, now they have. We woke up yesterday morning to see that Bateman had uploaded an episode captioned, “Justine talks about her ‘older face’ and how The Haters can ‘suck it’.” And it might be one of the more awesome monologues on aging naturally we’ve ever heard. To paraphrase, Bateman talks about how, as a young actress in her teens and twenties, she felt that her round, wholesome, and pretty face didn’t reflect who she was inside. She used to dream of looking like Anna Magnani, Isabelle Huppert, and Charlotte Rampling, and finally, she says, she feels her face accurately represents who she is.

It was a healthy and refreshing reminder that your face should reflect what you look like, and not what magazines or the celebrity-industrial complex say you should.


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