5 Reasons A Kanye West x A.P.C. Collaboration Might Actually Be Good

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The only thing Kanye West wants more than his damn croissants is his damn seat in the upper echelons of high fashion. Two womenswear collections at Paris Fashion Week got him a much-improved badge from Style.com’s Tim Blanks, but we have a sneaky suspicion he didn’t display that alongside his 21 Grammy awards.

Now it appears it’s back to basics for the budding sartorial laureate. In an interview published last week, W magazine’s Christopher Bagley let slip a piece of information so juicy that we momentarily forgot Yeezy had just named a human child North West. Referring to the performer’s desire to feed his newfound appetite for minimalism, Begley says, “That might be accomplished by his new men’s capsule collection of jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies for a hip French brand, to be unveiled in July.”

Kanye West has been hanging around with A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou for over a year now, and we’re warming up to the idea of a collaboration. Here are five reasons we think it might not actually suck:

1. Kane West is just a minimalist at heart.

LOL not really, but he is trying to reinvent himself as one. In a hilarious New York Times interview recently Kanye modestly anointed himself the Steve Jobs of internet, fashion and culture. And for a second it seemed he might actually be aligned with Apple in realms outside of his dreams, when Steve Wozniak paid a visit to the couple’s home and unfortunately named child. Turns out the visit was a birthday present from Kim, but good to know Kanye’s taking this minimalism seriously.

2. He’s recently moved to Paris.

Kanye’s now living in the city of love (and croissants), which means that any time he’s hurtling his Porsche Panamera Turbo through beautiful 19th century neighborhoods he can bounce ideas off Touitou in person. According to trusted source Justin Bieber, Kanye hates phones.

3. We’re not talking high-high fashion.

While his efforts at Paris Fashion Week were those of a beginner over-reaching, raw denim and simple tees might be more within Yeezy’s comfort zone. We’re not saying it’s easier to do minimal. But we are saying there’s less pressure to throw on some unnecessary fur and metal when you’re removed from the runway.

4. His best musical efforts have been collaborations.

Kanye pegs himself as a leader, but he’s sometimes best when just lending a hand. Some of his best musical collaborations have seen him taking up the “feat.” Title. See Estelle’sAmerican Boy” (2012), T.I.’sSwagger Like Us” (2008) and Dilated Peoples’Walk This Way” (2004) for proof.

5. Some of the best artistic creations come from anger.

Some of the best artistic ventures stem from anger, and Kanye West has plenty of that – particularly when we’re talking about fashion. The perplexing lines “In a French-ass restaurant/ Hurry up with my damn croissants” from the song “I am a God” were written after an unnamed designer invited him to a runway show on the condition he wouldn’t attend any others. We’re hoping he channels some of this rage into a loose-fit jersey tee.

Do you think this rumored project could top the charts? Voice your own thoughts below.

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