An In-Depth Investigation Of Kanye West’s Diamond Teeth

We’re kind of obsessed with Kanye‘s diamond teeth. We first learned of their existence during Fashion Week, and we launched an in-depth investigation shortly after.

What did we learn? Kanye has had major mouth problems since a devastating 2002 car crash, so getting his teeth replaced isn’t as crazy of an idea as we initially thought. Seriously, his teeth were rotting. (We have photographic evidence!) As such, what was originally thought to be a grill is most certainly a row of implanted teeth. And given Kanye’s propensity for excess, implanted diamond teeth don’t seem that unusual. Though we didn’t catch on until September, he actually debuted his diamond teeth (on Twitter, obviously) in July, and just yesterday chatted with Ellen about them.

We wanted to get a professional opinion on the matter, so we talked to Dr. Ernie Abramson, a dentist who has done some fancy dental work for Nelly and Chingy. He had this to say: “I think he has some custom-made gold crowns with diamonds inserted in them. I do that kind of work — it’s done in conjunction with a jeweler. It’s unconventional, but it’s doable, and it’s definitely not for everyone.”

Now that you know the facts, check out our slideshow for the official Kanye West Teeth Timeline!

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