PHOTO: Kanye West Replaces Row Of Teeth With Diamonds

UPDATE: Check out our in-depth investigation into the who, what, where, when, and why of Kanye West’s diamond teeth.


Like most other fashion shows, yesterday’s Rodarte presentation was littered with celebrity guests, Kanye West among them. WWD caught up with the musician backstage and found that, in addition to a warmer, cuddlier more respectful attitude toward award-winning teenage singing sensations, he also had a sparkly new smile.

But West doesn’t just have a good dentist and a box of Crest White Strips to thank — he says his teeth shine because they’re actually jeweler-quality gemstones.

“I removed my bottom row of teeth and I put diamonds in instead,” West said, adding that the work was done by a dentist in Hawaii but he couldn’t remember which jeweler provided the ice.

Of course, we find it hard to believe that ‘Ye actually convinced a dentist to remove any of his teeth. We’re no fancy dental school students, but even we can reason that grinding hard gem stones against the relatively soft enamel of our teeth all day long might not be conducive to, well, keeping those teeth in your mouth. It’s probably a grille. A grille so expensive that West himself didn’t (or couldn’t) specify just how much he paid for it, other than to say there were many thousands of dollars worth of stones on his teeth. [Also, we’re compelled to wonder if his Cartier Love bracelet was a gift or if he bought it for himself.]

Kanye called Kate and Laura Mulleavy‘s work “art” — and we agree — and mentioned that he’d be screening a selection from his movie “Runaway” at New York’s Angelika Film Center. If you’re in the city and you want to catch a glimpse of West’s million-dollar smile, we’d suggest camping out on the corner of Houston and Mercer streets this afternoon.

[Via WWD]
[Image via Lexie Moreland]

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