Kanye West Gives His Entourage A Makeover

Either Kanye West has been taking some serious lessons in branding, or the people at Dior are marketing geniuses. According to a tidbit in today’s WWD, West is making a concerted effort to clean up his post-Swiftgate image — so concerted an effort, in fact, that he’s given it a name: The Rosewood Movement.

Not only has West ditched his bad manners and penchant for swearing, but he’s introduced a new set of sartorial guidelines to his entire entourage. Gone are the bright (and often clashing colors), and in their place are “sharply tailored, designer suits.” Dior suits, to be exact. WWD reports that West and his entourage have been wearing black Dior Hommes suits all week, and that he plans to wear Dior on his upcoming tour.

But while we’re the first to admit that West and his new buttoned-up entourage look sharp, there is a little bit of us that will miss the zany colors and propensity for murses of the old West entourage. This is what they used to look like:

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