WATCH: The Final Cut Of Kanye’s ‘Monster’ Video Is Full Of Dead Models

Yes, the timing of this is super odd, but here goes: a version of Kanye West‘s video for “Monster” leaked back in December, but now the official final cut is here. We were pretty stunned by the visuals six months ago, but seeing it all in HD is rather jarring. So. Many. Dead. Models.

A disclaimer at the beginning of the Jake Nava-directed video reads: “The following content is in no way misogynistic or negative towards any groups of people. It is an art piece and shall be taken as such.” Well then! We’re unapologetic Yeezy fans ’round these parts, but some of these images are downright disturbing. The opening scene shows dead models hanging from the ceiling wearing lingerie and high heels. Another scene has Kanye in bed with two dead models (whose eyes are creepily open, and who are wearing lingerie), and yet another has a dead model (wearing lingerie and heels!) laying on a table in a plastic-covered kill room as a chainsaw-wielding Rick Ross shuts the door.

Oh, and then there’s the dead naked model (well, she is wearing heels) in between the cushions of Jay-Z‘s couch. And Kanye’s leather-gloved hands holding a severed model head by the hair. The issue with these images is they feel a whole lot more realistic (and more sinister) than standard zombie and vampire depictions. These girls look like they’ve been brutally murdered by human hands, not mythical means. We appreciate the disclaimer, but it still doesn’t sit quite right with us.

Of course, there are some great fashion moments, like extreme close-up shots of Kanye’s diamond teeth and Jay looking fresh to death (get it?) in a dapper suit. Not to mention that hands with manicured red nails groping at Kanye seem like a nice reference to Guy Bourdain‘s iconic photo. Alas, Kanye’s lyrics at the end of the song (“I crossed the line”) seem appropriate.

Watch for yourself below. Unsettling or artistic?

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