WATCH: Kanye West’s Zombie Model Music Video Is Here

Earlier this month, we posted a 30-second clip of the video for Kanye West’s new single, “Monster,” which revealed a decidedly dark theme filled with dead models as well as West, Jay-Z, and the rest of the song’s collaborators roaming around a creepy old mansion. The full video leaked today and our suspicions have been confirmed — except for the fact that what we took to be dead models are actually zombies. ZOMBIES!

While the video certainly isn’t complete — the sound and visual quality is pretty rough — you get the jist. And, more importantly, you get to see plenty of closeups of West’s diamond teeth, a screencap of which we’ve included below.

(Ed Note: The first video we found was taking down in between the time we saw it and the time we wrote the post. Fingers crossed this one stays up longer. We have plenty of screen grabs if not.)

Warning: Some scenes are not for the faint of heart.

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