The Kardashians Made $65M Last Year, Could Have Made More

When the Kardashians decided to take the family name off the pre-paid credit debit cards they were backing late last year, they also lost some serious earning potential.

In a long-ranging profile of the Kardashian family business published Wednesday in The Hollywood Reporter, the family reveals that the Kardashian Kard (slammed for having “predatory” hidden fees) could actually have earned then a whole lot of money. While the family earned a reported $65 million dollars last year, the contract for the Kardashian Kard would have kept them rolling in dough for a long, long time to come.

Under the contract, the Kardashians would have received $3 for every card activated or sold, 25 percent of fees, a $75,000 advance on royalties and a $37,000 signing bonus.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said he would investigate the card’s fees ($99 for the first year of membership, $7.95 for every month after that and $1.50 for every trip to the ATM) to see if they violated state or federal law in November. In response, the family decided to back out of the deal and return the advance money they’d received from Mobile Research Card, the Kardashian Kard’s creator.

Mobile Research Card is now suing the sisters for breach of contract. It seeks $75 million in damages. Which is a lot of money — even if you’re a Kardashian.

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