Kardashian Sisters & Their Mom Are Being Sued For $75 Million

Remember the Kardashian credit card for children (the kiddie kredit kard, if you will)? You know, the one with all the hidden fees? The one that the Kardashians stopped backing? Now the family is being sued for $75 million for cutting ties with the shady card.

Revenue Resource Group has filed a lawsuit against the sisters and their mom Kris Jenner, claiming they breached their two-year contract with the licensing company. The Kardashians backed out of their credit card gig at the end of November, returning their compensation fees and demanding that their names be removed from the product. RRG was not pleased.

Explains RRG head attorney Scott Rudd: “The company waited a month to file hoping this would work out. They didn’t want to sue. [They] spent a great deal of time and effort securing the rights to use the Kardashian card. RRG is an independent sale organization, which gives it the right to market pre-paid debit card. [This] effectively put this company out of business.”

Ouch. It’s hard to know just who got screwed here. Were the Kardashians initially given false information by RRG? Or were they aware of the card’s conditions, and bailed once they came under public scrutiny? The Kardashian clan is keeping mum about the suit for now, so we’ll have to see what becomes of the hearings which begin in May.

And now an unrelated Kardashian bonus! Check out the behind-the-scenes video from Kim’s Glamour shoot, with a guest appearance by Kanye.

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