Did The Kardashians Steal The Idea And Design For Their Magazine?

Wanna know how we know the Kardashian Family Magazine Project isn’t just a glimmer in Kris Jenner‘s overactive pre-frontal cortex? Because a Canadian company has already mocked up some pretty viable looking prototypes for the concept’s first few issues.

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Our friends at Fashionista spotted three magazine cover prototypes for a magazine called K3 at the mostly empty URL k3mag.com. The site belongs to the Canadian media firm Communiqis, which specializes in making publications shine for the Internet and digital devices. The company’s founder Brian Rushton Phillips told Fashionista that Communiqis pitched the idea to Kris Jenner on December 15, using the site and mockups as an idea for where the magazine and the site could go. Phillips said he got the idea for the magazine by looking at the three elder Kardashian sisters’ Twitter influence and went from there.

“We thought this could be a good way to harness [their following], with a a digital magazine that could be distributed through Twitter.” According to Brian, K3 would be “a beauty and fashion magazine that the girls would curate.”

But wait. If Communiqis pitched Operation Kardashian on having their own magazine in mid December, is it possible that the family took the idea and ran with it elsewhere? Last we heard the magazine was being developed by American Media, which publishes Star and The National Enquirer — but reports of that deal didn’t surface until just last week. What makes the timing even more suspicious is that the Kardashians haven’t responded to the Communiqis pitch, but they have been rather publicly asking other media companies to back their ventures.

What came first: The Kardashian Chicken or the Communiqis egg? Barring an international lawsuit, the world may never know.


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