Karl Lagerfeld On Kate Middleton’s Mom: ‘I Think Carole Is Very Sexy’

Karl Lagerfeld is known for his quips as much as his drool-worthy designs. We call him Krazy Karl because he’s unfiltered and eminently quotable, and his latest is about Carole Middleton, as in Kate‘s mom.

Grazia chatted with the designer in Paris recently, and he revealed his thoughts on Carole:

“I think Carole is very sexy. I think the mother is sexier than the daughters. There is something full of life about her. For a woman who must be 50 or so I think she’s great. Full of energy.”

Carole is actually 57, but we’re pretty sure she prefers being called a 50-year-old instead.

While Karl is full of praise for the yummy mummy, he also clears up his previous remarks on Pippa. If you’ll recall, he royally dissed the brunette and encouraged her to walk backwards.

“I didn’t mean that! I only meant I don’t think her make-up is right; she has a roundish face and round eyes and she should pick another make-up for the eyes.”



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