WATCH: Karl Lagerfeld Is Not Impressed With This Choupette Impersonation

For those who think imitation is the best form of flattery, well, you’ve never seen this video.

It’s one thing to poke fun at Karl Lagerfeld‘s beloved chat Choupette, but it’s a whole different story to actually dress up like her on French television, and in front of the owner, no less. But that’s exactly what guys over at Le Grand Journal did.

On Monday night, Lagerfeld appeared on the show with buddy and fellow Frenchie Garance Doré. During their segment, two “fans” decide to pay homage to Lagerfeld and Choupette — one says some nice things about the coddled kitty (like how she has two maids and a huge Twitter following), while the other dresses up like little Chou-Chou and jokes about being a “ghetto cat”. Lagerfeld’s “Oh là” quickly turns into “WTF?” as he watches faux Choupette yell at the camera and then get spanked. We’ve never seen The Kaiser at such a loss for words.

[via The Cut]

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