Karl Designed An Entire Collection Around Choupette’s Eyes

Being internet writers, the concept of cats as muses is pretty much par for the course. But these days we’re in excellent company, now that Karl Lagerfeld has reportedly designed an entire collection inspired by the ice-blue eyes of his kitten Choupette (or should we say ‘Pette?)

Vanity Fair spoke with the Kaiser’s neighbor at her latest film screening….you may have heard of her? Her name is Diane Kruger. In any case, Ms. Kruger has had the rare fortune of meeting the famed kitten:

“[Karl’s] obsessed! An entire collection was inspired by his cat’s eyes.”

Okay, seriously?! We’ve been hoarding our pennies ever since news broke that there was a ‘Choupette’ bag in the works. Now apparently we have to save for an entire collection.

VF did their best to dig a little deeper into the kitten’s psyche, but Kruger wouldn’t bite:

Is Choupette, you know, playful and friendly? Did she roll over for a belly rub, or is she fiercely aloof, secure in her superiority over the rest of us? “It’s a cat,” Kruger said with a shrug. “It’s a cat.”

A cat with two maidsiPad skills, a V spread in the works, and nearly 10,000 Twitter followers. Well, at least she seems to be up to the very demanding schedule required of a Lagerfeld muse.

[Vanity Fair]

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