Karl Lagerfeld Thinks Facebook Is An iPad

Karl the Cocktail thinks Facebook is an iPad, or at the very least an object. In an interview with The Luxury Channel during the IHT Heritage Luxury Conference, Karl talks tech and it’s the best ever. We’ve taken the time to transcribe our favorite quotes, but don’t worry — there’s video.

Does Karl think the internet is good for fashion?

You know, good or bad, it’s not up to me to judge it. It is like this: that’s what people like, that’s what people care for. So that’s a wave — it will fade away, maybe? Look, the Walkman now is like a historical piece for museums. And when the Walkman was new, everybody wanted a Walkman. Nobody I think certainly will know what a Walkman is anymore, huh?  So an iPod, all this stuff today… when things become too popular, they are always fading away for something else.

Okay, we kind of agree! He equates the internet with iPods, but whatever. But then there’s this:

Facebook is a flawless object. It’s for me like a Brancusi. As I told you, I got one as a gift in gold — in white gold. And the BlackBerry too, and the iPod. I have all those from a gift, I wouldn’t buy it. But somebody gave me all those things in white gold. They are beautiful objects on the table — they are stunning. I don’t use them because I don’t have to use them.

Via context, we assume this “object” he calls “Facebook” and has in “white gold” is in fact an iPad. Awesome. Karl also thinks luxury is actually limited to very few, specifically those with private jets:

People can dream with their Chanel bag that they live in luxury, but luxury in fact is something else.

Burn. But then again, maybe we shouldn’t take everything Karl says so seriously, as per his wisest statement of the interview:

It’s very dangerous to think you know it all and that others are wrong. Nobody is wrong, nobody is right.


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