Karl Lagerfeld Says French President François Hollande Is An ‘Idiot’

Karl Lagerfeld has lots of strong opinions, and he seems to love nothing more than sharing them with the world, whether the world asked for them or not. He’s spoken out about Adele, Kate Middleton‘s mom, and Courtney Love. His latest subject (victim?) is François Hollande, France’s Socialist president who replaced Nicholas Sarkozy this past May.

Hollande recently introduced a very controversial tax plan in an effort to eradicate public debt, which would place a 75 percent income tax on the rich. In an interview with the Spanish edition of Marie Claire, Lagerfeld said, “This idiot will be as disastrous as Zapatero was,” referencing Spain’s former Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who was ousted in December 2011. The Kaiser went on to say:

“It’s a disaster. He wants to punish [the rich] and of course they leave and no one invests. Foreigners don’t want to invest in France and that’s just not going to work. … Outside of fashion, jewellery, perfume and wine, France isn’t competitive. The rest of our products don’t sell. Who buys French cars? I don’t.”

If we may be so bold, we actually think that makes a lot of sense. Karl may be the king of crazy quotes, but at least this time he’s backing it up (unlike that time with Pippa Middleton). Government officials have yet to comment.

[Reuters via The Cut]

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