WATCH: Karl And J Lo Share An Awkward Moment On German TV

Karl Lagerfeld does not seem like the type of person who can be made to feel awkward. Ever. So it’s a good thing he was on hand to help Jennifer Lopez through a very uncomfortable television appearance on the German show Wetten, Dass…?. It’s unclear what they talk about at first, since everything is, well, in German and Lopez doesn’t venture much past monosyllabic answers, but once they get on the topic of Chanel, the actress/singer/all-around-powerhouse loosens up a little more and talks about bringing her daughter Emme to see the show this season:

My daughter loves fashion — she’s four years old but she loves clothes and dressing up, like all little girls. So I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to take her to the beautiful Chanel show?’ It’s always so beautiful and kind of fantasy-like. But I haven’t been to a fashion show in a very long time, and when I got there I forgot that the press can kind of just press you and I was like ‘Ah! What do I do?’ But, you know, they’re short. They’re only like 15, 20 minutes. And I asked her, I said’ Do you want to go? Are you ok?’ And she kept being like ‘No, I’m fine.’ So we stayed and we had a nice time.

Now, Emme may not have looked like she was thrilled to be at the show, but apparently she was pretty impressed with the brand’s rosier wares.

Well, obviously she can’t wear any of the dresses, they’re for grown-ups, but she kept pointing out ‘Oh, I love the pink one’ and another pink one will come and ‘I love the pink one!’ She’s all about the pink dresses.

She also addressed the $2,500 worth of accessories that the house provided, though when she let it slip that the pin was a lender, Karl looked downright appalled. Whoops. Might we suggest you send her a hula hoop bag as an apology? We would have loved one of those at age four.

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