Karl Lagerfeld: Japanese People Are A Lot ‘Bigger’ Than They Used To Be

Karl Lagerfeld went to Japan this week for the first time in eight years to celebrate the opening of Chanel’s Little Black Jacket exhibit in Aoyama. While there, Lagerfeld took the opportunity to share some of his thoughts on the country and its people with Women’s Wear Daily.

“It’s changed a lot but it’s changed for the better I think. I noticed that people became bigger than before because now they eat more cake and sweets and things like this that they didn’t do in the past. There’s a real change in the look of the Japanese people. Normally, before, they were all tiny. It’s the kind of beauty you get from junk food.”

Junk food beauty: that’s a new one! And if you needed further proof that Karl is, indeed, a Fashion Alien, he has high hopes for the exhibit’s future intergalactic travel.

“It’s fun to see it again in another country, in another world, like on another planet with other people,” he said of the show. “It’s quite interesting. Maybe it will look like a different collection. I don’t know.”

And if Karl does’t know, we certainly don’t. Oh well, here’s what everyone wore:



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