Lagerfeld’s New Campaign Star is His Personal Bodyguard & A Mega Babe

sebastien jondeau

We imagine that being Karl Lagerfeld’s assistant would come with some really bizarre pros and cons. But Sébastien Jondeau, who has worked as the Kaiser’s P.A. and bodyguard since 1999, has bigger responsibilities than Instagramming cat pictures and bigger perks than AYCD Diet Coke: He’s now the face of Lagerfeld’s fall campaign.

It’s not hard to see why Jondeau was asked to get in front of the camera. He’s the lucky owner of rugged good looks, which Karl probably saw as going to waste on a semi-secret Instagram account comprised primarily of surprised-face selfies. Evidently Karl fancies himself quite the model scout: His website features a tantalizing banner reading “Discover Sébastien Jondeau… Soon” alongside a 0:31 teaser clip (below) of a highly-anticipated video.

Apparently he will talk about his love for boxing, his suburban upbringing, and his boundless chivalry. From WWD:

“I spend all my time with him,” says Jondeau, 38, the devotion plain in his eyes. “He’s my boss and I respect him.” Asked if he would go to any length protecting the designer in the event of danger, Jondeau looks right in the camera and says, “Of course, to the end. I have no limits, to protect him at least.”

Daft Punk covers pending, but we’d recommend having something nearby to swoon on regardless.

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