Karlie Kloss Channels Her Inner Bodybuilder For Vogue Japan

Sure, the slow emergence of September issue spreads may portend chilly weather and dwindling days spent lounging on the beach, but when the photos inside throw the kind of knockout punch that these do, it’s hard to dwell too much on that fact.

Earlier this week, we oohed and aahed over Karlie Kloss‘s Vogue Japan cover (and, for the record, definitely think she beat Selena Gomez hands down in the “who wore chain mail best?” contest), and now we’ve got our hands on the killer spread inside the issue.

While not a literal Olympian editorial in the vein of fellow-Condé Naster Vogue US, Mikael Jansson‘s “The Metal Winner” gives a nod to the bodybuilding champs that will be muscling their way through London in the next few days. Alas, we doubt any competitors will be clad in the heavyweight Tom Ford belts that Karlie sports throughout the shoot, unless George Cortina is secretly planning on lending his gold medal styling skills to the Games this weekend.

[Next Models]

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