Karlie Steals Gwyneth’s Spotlight In UK Vogue

In case you slept through your glossy alarm clock, the May issue of British Vogue is set to hit stands any day now. You know, the one with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover dishing about freckles, fren-emies and probably some new cleansing kick that’s got her looking more gorgeous than previously thought possible.

Alas, despite my personal “life crush” on G.P., there’s only so much GOOP a girl can take before she starts to feel bad about all those peanut butter eggs and jelly beans she ate this weekend. We vote boring. Fortunately, a quick flip through the fold reveals our other favorite long-legged export Karlie Kloss looking all sorts of spiced up and patriotic.

Between the news about J.Crew hopping the pond and all the stars and stripes for sale at Topshop, it seems the UK has totally caught a case of good-old fashioned American fever.

But who are we to point the patriotic finger? Instead, we’ll savor Karlie captured in all manner of reds, whites and blues as the wholesome yet sexy, bubble-blowing, milkshake-drinking, sporting farm girl she was born to be.

Gwyneth who?

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