Karlie Kloss Would Definitely Walk In Ryan Lochte’s Fashion Show

By now, everyone has probably seen Karlie Kloss and Ryan Lochte‘s Olympic-themed photoshoot in the June issue of Vogue. You know, the one that didn’t sell so well on the newsstands. But did you also know that Kloss and Lochte have developed quite a chummy relationship ever since the shoot?

Kloss and Lochte, who share the same August 3 birthday, met in Miami during the Vogue photoshoot. They went out to dinner afterwards, and had lots to chat about:

“Even though I am 20 and already have a career, I realize it is important to have normal friends and I think he is the same way. He is just a normal guy. He was really interested in fashion, actually; he wants to have his own line. I was surprised by how in the know he was. Actually, all the guys on the shoot were very in touch with what is happening on the runways and very big fans of Style.com.”

Lochte’s an 11-time Olympic medalist, is in the works of getting a reality tv show, and will make a cameo in 90210, so he’s hardly a “normal guy”. He’s also thinking of getting into the fashion business, which would be mindblowing, to say the least.

Even more amazing than Lochte’s potential line woud be Kloss walking in his fashion show. Which might just actually happen:

“Yeah, I will walk in his show for sure.”

We can already imagine Kloss strutting her stuff in white pants, a fitted cap, diamond grills, and bedazzled sneakers. And hopefully an awesome LED name belt that reads “Jeah jeah jeah!”


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